tment is ◆needed, because the ●content of?/p>

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thin thi●rty days of pu■rchase.And the s■ub

sidy for fa■rmers purchasing hom■e appliance●s has been fa○st-tracked. The

y● can receive it on t■he same day ◆of purchase instead ●of having to wait■. I. Foreword 1. Ge◆neral objective○s To carry f●orward the concept ●of ecological● advancement, pr○ovide rele●vant suggestio■ns a

nd guida◆nce to visitors, p●articipants ○and operators in te〓rms

of ideologic●al progress◆, standard● of behaviour■ and manag●ement supervision■, take into○ full play th◆e joint efforts o◆f the entire soc■iety, promote Expo ■2010 Shangh〓ai China t○o be an environment■-friendly and resou◆rce

o the public ◆in stag

  • -saving 鈥淕re■en Expo鈥? and de■velop the t

    heme● of 鈥淏ette■r City, Better Life鈥●? 2. Basic prin●ciples On the basis●

    of the comp〓liance wit●h current natio

  • n■al and local l○aws, regulations, ●standar

    ds and enviro〓nmental protection d●ocuments, ■international〓ly advanced 鈥済r?/p>

    馿en concept" s●hould be advoca●ted an

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